From Marketing Expense to Profit Center

Transforming Your Brewery’s Retail Merchandise
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“Sometimes I feel more like I’m in the t-shirt business than the brewery business.”

Have you said this out loud? Or, perhaps had this thought?

A blessing and a curse, right?

A blessing because your customers are actually willing to pay to trot your brand around town for you.

But mostly it seems like a curse. An unruly mess. Trying to guess sizes. Keeping clothing folded, neat and organized is harder to keep up with than your kid’s bedroom. It’s time-consuming and you’re not sure if it’s worth the expense and hassle.

To make any sense (and money) your merchandise display needs to generate excitement and sales.

Tap into the power of the same organized approach to Merchandising utilized by master retailers.

This is an opportunity to increase your average transaction sales and build brand awareness.

If you’re going to thrive at this, it’s going to take more than a resolution to do better and guess-work.

It demands an expert to guide you. To work with you to develop a strategy and a plan. The knowledge and experience to develop this area of your brewery into a profit center.

An online workshop designed to transform your current display from where it is today to a retail presence that generates sales through the enticing and sexy presentation of your brewery’s branded merchandise.

From Marketing Expense to Profit Center:
Transforming Your Brewery’s Retail Merchandise

Begins February 12, 2020 at 2pm CST

Here’s what you get:


Instruction in retail merchandising from Amy Oeding. Expert guidance specifically for craft brewery taprooms and brewpubs that pulls from her experience at Kohls Department Stores and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Scott Schmidt will add information and strategies from his 30+ years of promotional marketing experience working with companies like Harley-Davidson and their global dealer network.


Four consecutive, weekly 1-hour online workshops, where Amy and Scott provide the tools through which you will:

  • analyze your retail space effectiveness
  • understand your taproom demographics
  • develop your merchandise and inventory plan, and
  • execute your marketing plan to increase sales

Each week you will receive an assignment. These assignments have been designed to assess your current situation and move it to the next level of organization, planning, and presentation. Each assignment builds on the knowledge gained the previous week.


An invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share photos, interact and gain additional support with fellow workshop participants.


Tools you will implement to track and analyze your retail merchandise program.

Upon completion of this workshop you will have the tools and understanding necessary to build a successful retail merchandising program.

A program that will reduce your product and inventory expenses while increasing your merchandise revenue.

GUARANTEE: If you complete all 4 workshops and execute your plan for 90 days and your results do not exceed your expectations, we will issue a refund for the entire cost of the Workshop package.

At the completion of the 4 sessions you will have:


The merchandising presentation techniques, best practices and quick fixes of a retail superstar.


A deep understanding of your customers’ tastes and style preferences.


Gained intimate knowledge of your brewery’s unique brand and be able to express the brand through the products you select and the designs you create.


Developed a branded product strategy that includes:

    1. An assortment plan
    2. Your core vs seasonal products
    3. A product rotation strategy
    4. Mechanisms to track cost of goods, sales, and profits
    5. Tracking and understanding trends
Designed your retail space to increase sales and inventory turns.

Your merchandise promoting your beers and your brewery.


A strategy for both retail and promotional branded merchandise.


Your branded merchandise as the vehicle your customers use to endorse and promote your brand (and brewery) out in your community.

Who Should Attend:

Brewery Owners

Taproom Managers

Retail Product Managers

Promote the Brew’s Clothing Styles and Design Workshop for Fall/Winter 2018


July 18, 2018

at Lakefront Brewery from 8:30 to 11:30am

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