Episode 033: Third Space Brewing: In the Shadow of Miller Park

Andy Gehl spent years bouncing around trying to find a passion to drive his life before the beginnings of Third Space Brewing came to be. Andy met Kevin Wright, Third Space’s Head Brewer and Co-founder, twenty years prior when they were camp counselors at a summer camp.

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Episode 032: Influencer Marketing: Outreach to fans who reach out

Daylen is the Marketing Manager at Stone Brewing. After working in the music industry and touring around with bands, she jumped into creative agency work with a few brands of spirits. She found that working in the music industry parallels with the current state of the craft brewery scene.

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Episode 031: Social Media Roundup

The Round Up Episode is where you have a few people give their answer to the same questions.

I invited 3 friends of the show to pick two of these three, social media focused questions to answer.

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Episode 030: PR: Authentic Narratives for Unique Breweries

Justin Baccary is the founder and president of Station 26 Brewing in Denver Colorado. A “reformed” investment banker, Justin followed his hobby of making beer to a position at a small brew pub. Before he knew it, Justin ended up with a business plan for a brewery in 2013 before purchasing the old firehouse that Station 26 now occupies.

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Episode 029: Beer Tourism: the Sacramento Beer Frontier

Aaron O’Callaghan is Sacramento native into travel, beer, curiosity and conversations. He has a background in environmental biology, freshwater systems, and mapping. Aaron is the creator of the Sacramento Beer Frontier – a unique passport program partnered with all 54 breweries in the Sacramento area.

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Episode 027: Oh Beautiful Beer: highlighting the best in craft beer design

Harvey Shepard fell in love with beer packaging as a kid after gazing upon a Coors Light bottle shaped as a baseball bat. During his college years, Harvey needed a portfolio to showcase his graphic design work. Many portfolios at the time piggybacked on blogs, so he launched Oh Beautiful Beer – a blog showcasing innovative and well-designed beer labels and packaging. Since its launch, Oh Beautiful Beer has become a central hub for highlighting the best graphics and design the craft beer industry has to offer.

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