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Episode 029: Beer Tourism: the Sacramento Beer Frontier

Aaron O’Callaghan is Sacramento native into travel, beer, curiosity and conversations. He has a background in environmental biology, freshwater systems, and mapping. Aaron is the creator of the Sacramento Beer Frontier – a unique passport program partnered with all 54 breweries in the Sacramento area.

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Episode 027: Oh Beautiful Beer: highlighting the best in craft beer design

Harvey Shepard fell in love with beer packaging as a kid after gazing upon a Coors Light bottle shaped as a baseball bat. During his college years, Harvey needed a portfolio to showcase his graphic design work. Many portfolios at the time piggybacked on blogs, so he launched Oh Beautiful Beer – a blog showcasing innovative and well-designed beer labels and packaging. Since its launch, Oh Beautiful Beer has become a central hub for highlighting the best graphics and design the craft beer industry has to offer.

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