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Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp
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Does it seem like the performance of your social media is declining in effectiveness?

You’re not alone. Industry sales have stalled, competitive options proliferate, and people are hanging on to their wallets – spending cautiously.


It’s going to take more than making great beer. It demands a strategy where, no matter how soft things are, your customers gladly look forward to your social media posts every day.

Those posts now need to work like a tractor beam, tirelessly and irresistibly drawing them towards you.

Consider the power of a well-engineered Social Media system.

If you’re going to prosper in this environment, it’s going to take more than simply a great photo or promotion.

It demands a strategy where, no matter how things are, your customers gladly look forward to engaging with you on social media every single day.

You do this because you have laid the groundwork for a sustainable and profitable digital presence that accurately represents your brewery’s culture, vision, and mission.

What People Say About Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp

Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp Begins September 15, 2019

Here’s what you get:

Instruction in all four major platforms by Shawndra Russell that pulls from her college curriculum and has been adapted specifically for brewers.
Four 1-week training modules, where Shawndra deconstructs a successful social media strategy: identifying the personality of your brewery; collecting great content from your team and fans; creating engagement with your community; and productivity hacks to save time and keep you sane.
30 daily 15 to 30-minute exercises (delivered via email). This is the where the wort meets the hops.
An invitation to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, interact, and gain additional support. (And, get trained to use Facebook Groups)
Bonus Prep Week – exercises to get your profiles updated, looking at analytics to determine your starting point, and identifying goals and most pressing areas of need.

Complete this course and you will have a social media presence that communicates your unique personality, engages your audience and the brewery’s team!

A presence that shows that you value the power of social media through your consistent, thoughtful, and fun content.

GUARANTEE: If you complete all 30 exercises + execute your new plan for 60 days and your results do not exceed your expectations, we will issue a refund for the entire cost of the Bootcamp package.

Here’s what you’ll achieve just in the first week!

Week 1: Gaining clarity on the “personality” of your brewery.

You have:

Identified your brand’s personality
Implemented best practices on all your Profiles
Learned techniques to connect with your community and fans. Your community and fans experience being part of something unique and special.
Analyzed your competitors’ content and capitalized on their successes and mistakes
Chosen the best content topics for your brand
Connected with like-minded businesses. With this, you gain leverage through exposure to their community and fans by adding value through sharing them with your community and fans.
Gained deep insight about the personality of your beer business.
Dissected the best ofs and worst ofs. Through post post-mortems you make the bests repeatable and the worsts an opportunity to strengthen your perspective of your marketplace.

Who Should Attend?


Brewery Owners

Brewery Social Media Managers

Event Managers

Craft Beer Bloggers

Distributor Social Media Managers

Taproom/Tasting Room/Brewpub Managers

What People Say About Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp

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